Amazing: luxury chair which will always attract attention

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If you are a furniture enthusiast or simply want to freshen up your home, this super-luxurious Airline Furniture armchair is the right thing for you...

Created using a Boeing 737 aircraft engine, this amazing piece of furniture is perfect for any modern, contemporary interior and definitely adds a stunning effect to any room it find itself in.

Cowling Chair, as its real name is, is an armchair created with a front edge made of polished aluminum, with the addition of a dark suede interior. The back of this piece of furniture is created from dark aluminum and fiberglass. The standard version of the armchair is also available in completely black, while in this case, its padded parts can be specially adjusted to the wishes of the customers. The premium armchair was designed, created and finished in the United Kingdom and is available for ordering at a price of 23,590 euros.

With 2,000 mm in height, 2,100 mm in width and 2,200 mm in depth, the innovative armchair represents a very impressive unit, a fusion of the art of the aviation industry and the ideals of every modern household or office. Although its design includes high-quality materials similar to polished aluminum, this piece of furniture requires the utmost care and it is mandatory to keep it in dry areas free of dust, as much as possible.

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