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After the success obtained during the last Cersaie, antoniolupi continues the collection of Affreschi, proposing an extension of the decorations created by Riccardo Fattori.

Affreschi is an innovative way of decorating walls, technically new but ancient traditionally. Nothing is more beautiful , striking and evocative as a hand painted wall. Nothing is better than being able to select your own fresco or being able to design it on your own.

The new decorations

Riccardo Fattori’s collection was inspired by Wunderkammer – the room of wonders – rooms where Collectors, from XVI to XVIII century, preserved collections of extraordinary objects.

Several proposals, all linked from the marvelous concept “Wunder”: Wunderkammer/la stanza del musicista, Wunderkammer / il giardino d’inverno, Wunderkamer / la voliera, Wunderkammer / la stanza dell’esploratore. Presence/absence, quotes, layers, colour vibrations characterize these works.

Technology to support creativity

The Affreschi collection is supported by an innovative technology, in fact it’s not wallpaper but as with the classic fresco, colour is transferred directly to plaster as if it were painted. The painted wall than becomes treated to protect and make it water repellent even for the bathroom, shower or sauna.

The technology used for this project is very recent and has been improved in the last months. The decoration is obtained by paper transferring that allows the pigments of the design to penetrate directly in the pores of the plaster (raw concrete, scratched plaster, drywall, brick wall) as with the traditional fresco technique.

The application is simple, fast and odorless due to the use of a water based material performed by specialized personnel. After extending the primer on the surface to be decorated, 30 minutes is sufficient for the product to become active so as to begin the application of the decoration (approx.20 sqm can be applied in approx.8 hours).

This type of application makes it possible to adapt the frescoes on any framework, from walls to ceilings, from vaults to domes.

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