Bathroom as a form of art

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More photos

After a long and hard day at work, or an entire grueling week, long and pleasant bath sounds like the perfect thing...

Each of us has obligations and responsibilities, after which we relax in our own unique way. Some people go for a walk, some watch their favorite series or movie, read a book, play with your children or spend time with family ... everyone has their favorite relaxing hobby, which is only ours and no one else's, which is the time that you make only for yourself, so you can indulge in a moment of paradise. However, the thing we can all agree upon is the fact that a long hot bath makes everyone feel good it cannot be denied. Although the pace of life quickly established a quick shower as our daily routine, it would be ideal if we could isolate at least one day a week and just enjoy a bath, let our minds wander, while worries and obligations go away further and further...

If your bathroom was not decorated in accordance with your desires and lifestyle, then hardly any relaxation will be perfect. When in one corner you see the dirty laundry and a machine that is waiting for you to turn it on, the chemicals that remind you that it is time for general cleaning or cracked tile associated with the renovation, every fantasy turns into a nightmare.

We are therefore decided to present you a gallery where you can see 30 bathrooms whose design is the art of creating harmony and balance between details. You might find their design as an inspiration or something that will bring you a new artistic spark. However, spring is approaching, which means it's time to improve the home and renovate.

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