Bespoke by antoniolupi

Fascinating design dialogue continues...

Bespoke is the new modular system by antoniolupi brand, which will surprise you with its beauty and elegance, which are expressed through simplicity and linear forms. The famous elements in different and personalized compositions decorate the bathroom without physical limitations. They can be individual composition of your living room, which will exude a sophisticated style that embodies antoniolupi brand.

This is a harmonious design that perfectly integrates the objectives of the architect Carlo Colombo and the needs of the company for creating a proposal that has unlimited potential. As such, Bespoke is a modular system, i.e. the collection of cabinets that combine versatility and freedom of composition.

This system gives you the opportunity to create your own configuration of an unlimited number of options. Aside from the cabinets, this line consists of sinks, mounted and tall cabinets that can reach a height of 210 cm and the right shape to form closets with the possibility of additive drawer.

The logic behind Bespoke line is based on the tables that are combined with the doors of Aluminum bronze and titanium magnetic profiles and processed glass in all antoniolupi colors, from transparent or bronze or smoked glass with reflective details.

The structure of the cabinet can be made of all antoniolupi types of wood and it can be matt, varnished, sleek, polished, decorated with various colors. The choice is entirely yours.


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