Bespoke kitchen as a fusion of contemporary and traditional

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Fabula is a kitchen designed for Rastelli by Ulisse Narcisi, and it is a project that draws inspiration from the concept of fable, inherent in literary criticism, which refers to the elements of the story that make up the raw material of the narrative.

In the same way, different elements and styles are combined in this model to tell the story of a place made up of convenience and sharing, which more than any other place, in the ancient and modern imagination, can be found in the kitchen.

The composition in a matt lacquered dove gray variety is a perfect example of this mix of styles. On the one hand, we find modern elements, such as perfectly smooth base cabinet doors combined with lacquered glass wall cabinets: design is essential, lines are extremely clean, and aluminum black - also chosen for the Dama wall accessory - gives a touch of industrial style. On the other hand, the full-height pillars in which the kitchen appliances and the pantry are located give a more modern taste; here the door creates a frame that "warms" and beautifies the units, without complicating the ambience. Finally, there are elements of classic taste, such as the emblem of Rastelli's production and craft capacities: a large dilavato oak sideboard with two large doors and four drawers, perfect for storing dishes and tools, adding a touch of tradition to the whole story.

Despite their differences, all the styles and elements proposed in this version of Fabula find harmony and balance, outlining a space dedicated to the family and able to tell you more about that Italian tradition of not only good design, but also good food.

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