Bring in a romantic feeling in your ambiance

Once upon a time, fireplaces were a mandatory part of practically every traditional home...

Playing the role of the central point around which the whole family gathered, fireplaces gave us a feeling of security, warmth and closeness with loved ones. Even today, in the modern age when we can heat our homes with the push of a button, the feeling of relaxation next to a traditional fireplace is what we always miss.

The Industrial Craft design studio, which deals with "designing products and experiences that are long-lasting and significant", has envisioned an amazing electric fireplace that looks like a coffee table. The studio presented a new vision of sitting comfortably around a traditional fireplace, giving it a dose of modernity with its The Hearth piece of furniture.

The fireplace is simply activated and turned off by rotating the top plate clockwise and counter clockwise. The rotating table surface exposes a luminous core equipped with fins that heat up in the blink of an eye. When not in use as a fireplace, this sophisticated design plays the role of a discreet coffee table.

Located in San Francisco, Industrial Craft Studio was founded by Max Burton, who is also its creative director. Burton has designed products for some of the world’s most eminent brands, such as Nike, Disney and Google, to name a few.

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