Brummel - Preview Salone del Mobile 2017

More photos

More photos

Brummel presents us with their novelties created for the Salone del Mobile 2017...

Bookcase EGO Collection

A very enterprising shape for the new EGO library signed by Brummel, made with wenge wood and matt lacquered bronze finish. The originality of the structure is achieved thanks to three different trends. The first trend is characterized by a front semi circular shape that ends in the stylized capital and architrave with matte bronze finish to closure. Simmetrical opposite, the base, characterized by two "feet" due to their design the "wings mythology" of a greek god. The second trend, laterally visible, is dictated by a change of section, the larger base and smaller towards the top, imparting a tilt effect which is real and not illusory. Finally, the third trend, which is also visible laterally, is dictated by a jut towards the outside, that is fulfilled exactly in the middle part, in the midline of the library. This detail is particularly visible in the lower part of the library, in the area of the drawers. The library is implemented either in single form or made without capital and upper lintel.

Bar DIAMOND Collection

Refined style and luxurious finishes, the new bar of Diamond collection, features an island of semicircular shape with red iron marble top very chamfered, bevelled on end of the semicircle, has a lower level steel sink and top of 0.5 cm thick. The wardrobe is characterized by silver pilasters in brushed oak with black patina, backlit thanks to the presence of small carved rectangular slits equidistantly. At the top end there is a tape insert light collection Amira with Swarovski. The doors are in the American brushed matt black oak with handles designed and built by Brummel, stylistically related to the Liberty lines.

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