Ditre Italia beds - new vision of comfort

The company Ditre Italia offers us unparalleled quality in design and manufacture...

Their collection of beds represents precise production and seams, which are interwoven, rather than the characteristics of industrial production, with features of handmade design thus perfect piece of furniture, which is designed and created to satisfy the refined tastes. With the use of Ditre Italia bed in the bedroom, you can create a coordinated harmony with all parts of your home. Each piece of furniture that they create has its own suitable partner, intended for another living space.

We decided this time to present you the top designed beds that are the embodiments of specific visions and luxurious style. Their common denominators are comfort and quality, which you can probably notice.

Dunn bed is fully quilted, designed for those who are looking for comfort and style. The headboard of the bed contains the head restraints, which can be positioned according to individual needs. They can be adjusted in terms of height very easily. That is possible with the help of magnets that are hidden within the structure of the bed. Reading books and eating in bed has never been more comfortable.

Eclectic bed is a model that can be tailored to individual customer requirements. With this model various headboards are available. On a few of them shelves can be installed, which will play the role of the nightstand. Also, this model accompanied by numerous accessories specially designed to fit the bed. Eclectic model can have legs or can be supported on the floor - all details are subject to the requirements of customers.

Grandangolo bed has a special feature that sets it apart from all other models: the headboard is associated with adjustable wooden panels that surround the top of the bed and create a warm ambiance. Bedside tables in this release are very practical. Still, this model might have lack of personalization, because its headboard is available in just one template.

Whichever bed to choose from Ditre Italia offer, you will begin to live a new life and dream new dreams, about the comfort and warmth you have in your home.

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