Dolce & Gabbana conquer our kitchens!

The project work is a collaborative effort Smeg company, Italian manufacturer of top quality household appliances, and the renowned fashion house Dolce & Gabbana...

These two Italian brands are probably thinking that normal refrigerators are not worthy of much attention. And when you think about it, why would they be interesting? Their purpose is to make the ice and keeping our food fresh. But if you love the products that stand out from the crowd, which may not even be luxurious or technically advanced, the solution presents itself.

FAB28 fridge was a result of this unique collaboration. It is tempting a creation, which bears the signatures of both brands. We're not sure that we can define this product, but we can say what it is not: plain, dull and mediocre.

When we talk about the company Smeg, their refrigerators are usually minimal, with the logo on the front, a handle, and they reminds us of the fifties. But non-traditional retro color palette FAB28 model has received a touch of style and fame by Dolce & Gabbana brand.

With artistic renderings of Sicilian artist with Trinacria symbol and some combat scenes, classic floral details presented in these refrigerators cannot be ignored. This fantastic fridge is a part of a series of very limited edition - only 100 pieces will be on sale.

Officially, this model and its variations will be presented at the Salone del Mobile in Milan, where every year we get a chance to see the best Made in Italy products. The price of the refrigerator has not been discussed.

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