In the bathroom, the washbasin takes a considerable space and usually it’s the piece that creates the entire look of the bathroom interior.

According to your bathroom decorating style, to its interior design and to its space, you will choose the suitable washbasin model. If you are looking for the newest washbasin designs, take a look at this collection in which you will find a selection of the most original & decorative sink and washbasin designs & models for a unique & very stylish bathroom decoration. For a decorative natural touch in your bathroom, you can choose an original washbasin design in which the shape is inspired by a tree leaf; poetic and elegant, this basin will easily find its place on a wood surface to complete the pretty natural look.

Installing the washbasin at the corner is not an easy thing, and making it look aesthetic is even harder. However, you can have a corner washbasin to save space in small bathrooms while keeping on the decorative look by choosing a sink in minimalist lines on top of sleek lacquered furniture for an original style and a very contemporary ambience. To be sure that the washbasin fits perfectly with the rest of your bathroom, you can play the card of having similar color hues. For example, a brown washbasin will find a nice place on a wood countertop; choose a glossy finish to sublimate the sink’s look. To evoke nature and simplicity, the washbasin can turn into a stone bowl in which water will be discharged. Looking like a fountain, this washbasin will enrich the beauty of the bathroom.

To add softness and femininity to the bathroom, you can opt for a washbasin model with curves in a glossy finish that transforms the sink area into the jewel of the bathroom. The washbasin can also take more free shapes & forms to not look like a traditional model. For example, the washbasin simply becomes a worktop slightly hollow to accommodate the water; this style is perfect for a minimalist bathroom interior design. To give your bathroom a unique style, you can also play on the sizes. By choosing an XXL sink, you will make it the centerpiece of your bathroom. In order to focus on the beauty of the countertop, the washbasin can also disappear by being integrated into the worktop. The bathroom will look so smooth, and every element will perfectly fit in its place.

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