ELEGANT AND LUXURY - vintage inspired bathrooms

Perhaps you haven’t been thinking of using antiques in your bathroom, but this space can be taken to a whole other level with characteristic décor…

Here is some advice for creating vintage charms. The key to do that is doing it in such manner of bringing the modern elegance in your personal and private bathroom space. The usual washbasins are a thing of the past. If you wish to insert some vintage objects in your bathroom, washbasins are the perfect thing for achieving that lovely vintage look.

Chrome and marble are two excellent materials for that kind of work, so you can use them in vintage inspired bathrooms. If you have some extra space, you can also use a vintage armoire in your bathroom as well, as a place of storing and keeping all of your beauty and relaxation essentials.

You can also add some vintage charms with a delicately chosen selection of red wallpaper – they always bring a note of antique glamour with them. You can finish the whole room with a small and delicate chandelier.

If 1920s atmosphere is what you desire for your bathroom, we suggest you to use large scaled mirrors. You should choose one or two with retro designs, like those magnificent venetian inspired mirrors. 

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