Cantiero presents its new collection, which bears the name of the New Age...

New Age is the latest collection of the brand, which represents an elegant, delicate side of nature in the heart of the design. Contemporary decor emphasizes the best elements of everyday life in sustainable design, which connects man with nature. Sophisticated materials and careful preparation of manually created pieces generate a refined effect in any environment.

Cantiero brand was originally launched in 1949 Bolovone near Verona, in the workshop, which was dedicated to the production of superior classical pieces of furniture that are made by top experts crafts, under the creative leadership of Severino Cantiero. Over the years, the products they create have become a hallmark of Italian elegance and the art of creating furniture.

Today, Cantiero is a sophisticated manufacturer of prestigious pieces of furniture that are very pronounced competition in the international market among all the other well-known brands, and is distinguished by its ability to revive classical pieces with new shapes and colors. Their products are particularly distinctive because of the constant flow of quality of proposals and innovation. Powerful visual character of their collections emphasizes the harmony of shapes and natural wood finishing details.

The most famous collections of this brand are Ca 'Venier, Carlo X, Etoile and the last, Elettra. All their products have a warranty which confirms 60 years of hard work, research, collaboration, technology and innovation.

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