It is a season of summer vacations and a selection of destination, which we’ve been aspiring to go for a long time… we dream about lying on the beach, in comfortable lounge chairs and furniture.

If you’re not able to travel treat yourself with at least one moment of pleasure that you can experience in your own environment. To enjoy leisurely, you need the basic element – lounge chair.

Most models are made of plastic offering a range of benefits because of their relatively light weight, so they can be set up very quickly, yet they are comfortable. Opposite to them, there are better chairs made of wood and rattan, which fall into the category of shopping for your whole life. According to their quality and impregnation they can also endure every weather condition.

A number of designers are engaged in a research of the most comfortable shape and design of lounge chairs, which is for many people the crucial factor in selecting them. Today, you can find lounge chairs with comfortable back and armrests that through the integrated mechanism for adjusting the armrest can be set in a half-lying position. Many well-known foreign companies involved in design of lounge chairs, are winning with its simplicity and poetic design. Chairs are often made of natural materials and are handcrafted. Banana leaf, water Lilly, bamboo, rattan, mango and teak wood, woven into simple and unusual forms, will bring peace and positive energy to each area.

By interweaving the cultures of India, Indonesia, Thailand and the needs of a contemporary man, they provide a special charm. Try to introduce the beauty of the East into your lifestyle. Before you finally choose your lounge chair, it’s desirable to decide about its location, and weather your priority is comfort or aesthetics…

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