Ethimo Presents Hut: An Outdoor Comfort Revolution with a Made in Italy Flair

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In a world where design meets functionality and elegance merges with nature, Ethimo introduces a revolutionary concept of outdoor comfort with its latest addition, Hut…

This masterpiece, designed by Marco Lavit, not only reflects the essence of Italian style heritage but also elevates the experience of outdoor living to a whole new level. At the prestigious ICONE event, voices of Made in Italy design have the opportunity to shine, presenting Hut as a symbol of extraordinary fusion between design and architecture. Settle in and discover how Ethimo is redefining the boundaries of outdoor comfort, blending traditional values with contemporary innovations in the heart of Qatar.

With an exciting exhibition designed by Lucio Micheletti from Micheletti+Partners, ICONE highlights the exceptional nature of the Italian manufacturing industry, going beyond the origins of designers with the intention of emphasizing the central role of Bel Paese in the field of top-quality design and production, rewarding the energy of this sector with a look at the innovative creative process, unseen behind every project.

Curator Rossana Orlandi has selected the most iconic pieces from some of the most important names in Made in Italy design to bring this unique exhibition to life. Ethimo participates with Hut, a contemporary nest designed by Marco Lavit, a symbol of exceptional fusion between design and architecture that represents a "suspended nest" and a welcoming new interpretation of the concept of open-air comfort. Hut is much more than just an ordinary piece of outdoor furniture.

Consisting of long "stems" of Accoya® wood, which boasts extraordinary qualities for outdoor use, and with metal inserts and details, it has a structure that opens towards the sky, recalling the typical shape of a Native American teepee. Inside, it features a large circular seat, made particularly comfortable by the soft cushions that complete it. The option of "closing" the nest with an elegant curtain provides a greater sense of privacy.

The ability to offer an authentic experience of contact with nature and the surrounding environment in a space that can be shared but is at the same time intimate, reserved, and protected, is a distinctive characteristic of the Hut piece, a quality perfectly suited to today's lifestyle needs where privacy and outdoor comfort are increasingly appreciated.

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