Étoile is the Cantiero collection inspired by Art Deco, the style phenomenon of the second and third decade of the last century...

This style encompassed decorative and visual arts, architecture and fashion, and led to the emergence of a special French distinction which was manifested in various product sectors, including furnishing and cabinetmaking. This French influence also inspired the name of the collection. In fact, in France, the name Étoile is used to identify an actor in a stage play as well as the “prima ballerina” in a ballet troupe.

Étoile is a furnishing collection designed for both the night and day areas of the home, realized using only prime American solid walnut. Every part of the collection contains decorative elements with real silver leaf finishes. The recurrent pattern found on the various accessories recalls a futurist painting from the early 1900s.

The choice of the materials, the uniqueness of the design and the mixture of finishes make this a highly original and distinctive collection. Cantiero considers Étoile to be the highest expression of the manufacturing expertise that it has built up in sixty years of passion and research.

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