ferm Living collection for the perfect spring

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More photos

It is never too early to start preparations for the warmer days and gift yourself a functional design full of earthy and natural tones...

Danish brand ferm LIVING has launched a new collection of furniture and decorative items for spring / summer 2021. Named Outdoor Poetry, the product range is designed to welcome the warmer season with its bright and natural tones.

The luxury collection features several series of minimalist and self-sustaining pieces, created using recycled plastic. The Libra Watering Can comes in beautiful shades of Olive, Cashmere and Black, while the Verso South model brings accentuated natural patterns in a deep brown tone. Additional items that accompany the entire collection come in the form of balcony pots, and there are also beautiful ceramic baskets that can serve as a central point of dining tables.

The series of comfortable chairs for exteriors is accompanied by compatible, comfortable pillows and folding chairs. This design is intended for balconies or terraces during the summer and enjoying the warm sunny days. The collection is completed by pieces for enjoying the outdoors, such as a long wooden bench and a comfortable deck chair.

You can see the entire collection in our gallery, while all items can be purchased on the brand's official website.

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