You can’t possibly be called human if these pieces don’t put even the tiniest smile on your face...

Pet Lounge Studios, assisted by the acclaimed furniture designer Corey Drew, have recently unveiled a superb set of furniture for your beloved pets, putting creature comfort closer to human ideas.

 The main purpose of these pieces of furniture for pets is to get beautifully integrated into our residences without disturbing the design balance of our daily homes. They have ultimately managed to put together a stunning collection, while, the latest one, the Bambú Hammock, has already become a centerpiece.

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At its base, the Bambú Hammock features a sustainable and solid bamboo frame, on top of which Pet Lounge Studios have mounted a top quality, washable and removable cushion, alongside a one off mattress support system. The ideas behind these designs originate from the philosophies of famous Scandinavian furniture designers, which combine minimalism with naturalness.

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In order to add some balance to their unique furniture series, and to widen the range of tastes they fit, Pet Lounge Studios can also provide a bit more transitional fixture, the gorgeous Bambú Daybed. It boasts with an orthopedic memory foam cushion which greatly enhances the coziness your pet can experience.


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