Elegant black and white furniture from Falper...

Designer Paola Navone has created this versatile collection of bathroom furniture – the Coco Collection – for Italian company Falper. Beautiful unique pieces of furniture stand out with their textured facade in black and white to give the idea of soft simplicity. These sophisticated designs combine white textured fronts with black lacquered sides and backs to form a refined look that best suits a woman`s sense of style. The two colours of this collection – black and white – can be used to create the idea of a Breakfast at Tiffany`s scene. The feminine Coco Collection suggests an amazing everlasting creativeness that will never go out of style. The primary inspiration for these pieces of furniture was the famous Coco Chanel – hence the collection`s name.

Spacious units offer a lot of room for bathroom necessities and the beautiful oval mirrors keep the sophisticated look clean and neat. The ceramic washbasins are a reminder of an era of elegance and style. Vanity elements are reinterpreted in a modern style that subjugates a connoisseur eyes and heart. These wonderful elements borrow some of the chic sophistication of a period described by pure style and simplicity. The timeless design will have your bathroom looking elegant and remind you of an era when interior decorating was combined with other forms of art to create a unique feeling that nowadays can only be copied.



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