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Recently, more and more people want to create an interesting and unique interior, which does not seem like it was copied from Instagram or the pages of a magazine...

This is exactly where the work of Sunshine Thacker’s enters the scene, bringing with it a theme we are already used to. Oblong shapes come together in unpredictable forms to create both hard and soft pieces of furniture. Her latest collection, Groovitational, continues the trend. The upholstered series, which includes a pair of swivel club chairs, a sofa, a tete-a-tete and a chaise longue with a handmade ceramic drink holder, is inspired by the beauty of repetitive lines and shapes, as well as the nostalgia of the age of space exploration.

If not for the fact that they are functional, the pieces in the Groovitational collection can stand alone as sculptures. Spatial repetition gives the collection a futuristic look, while the inviting and tactile soft fabric invites users to come and sit down. To create a dialogue with the collection's controlled style, Thacker contrasts it with her ceramic lighting and undulating textured furniture. Ceramic pieces are made with coils and winding moments, experiments in glaze painting and a drive for design without predictability. Three floor lamps, a table lamp, a dining table, two side tables, and a rug created to coordinate beautifully with her softer pieces.

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