HiAm - the bed that takes rest to a whole new level

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If you want to delight yourself by diving into the realm of pure well-being, discovering yourself through the regenerative power of relaxation, HiAm is the bed that can assist you in achieving that.

HiAm, produced under the Hi-Interiors brand, is created precisely for this purpose: to offer an innovative response to the new lifestyle needs in a world marked by rapidly advancing technology, a fast-paced environment, and the desire for ultimate relaxation.

With its top-notch solutions, the Hi-Interiors brand confirms its presence in the "Internet furniture" market segment, dominated by "smart" accessories and pieces of furniture that take their function to a whole new level. In the Hi-Interiors HiAm bed, the use of technology is part of a much broader holistic concept developed on three levels: well-being, entertainment, and health.

The HiAm bed experience highlights new ways of living and demonstrates how technology, in its grandest forms, can be integrated into our lives. The HiAm bed showcases its ability to serve as a sleep trainer, equipped with a professional entertainment system, digital scenarios, and smart alarms. Soon, technology will be able to respond to voice commands, allowing it to function as a true wellness coach, aesthetically enveloped in the spirit of the finest Italian design.

With the official launch of the HiAm model, previously referred to by the generic name "hibed," Hi-Interiors affirms the uniqueness of this new product category - already established through the launch of the first product of this kind, HiCan. As a genuine centralized system dedicated to people's physical and mental well-being, this smart and sophisticated creation is enriched with iconic elements "Made in Italy." HiAm, the new hi-tech four-poster bed, is a true oasis of rest and well-being where the true meaning of relaxation can be rediscovered and is intended as the primary source of creativity for personal fulfilment.

"Italy is the land of 'art' and 'beauty' par excellence. With the HiAm model, these values take on a new form in an evolved product that combines design and technology, leading us toward introspection and self-discovery, projecting us into a dimension where 'otium,' or leisure, acquires an active and exceptionally positive meaning, just as it was in ancient Rome," stated Fabio Vinela, product designer.

The design of the HiAm bed is based on lightness and adaptability, well represented not only by specific choices of raw materials such as wood or aluminum but also by the choice to incorporate the product's potential for technology within its lines, creating a calm and essential aesthetic. Elegant aluminum contours have allowed the Hi-Interiors brand to adorn this new bed with an environmentally friendly, lightweight, and extremely durable material.

To awaken the physiological well-being resulting from "otium," HiAm uses ambient lighting and reading lights, a high-quality audio system, a 70-inch 4K projector screen, and motorized bed bases programmed for massages and a refined fragrance diffuser for personalized moments of relaxation – all of which can be activated through an iOS app. Thanks to the support provided by Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, the modern four-poster bed from the brand will also be able to collect data on sleep conditions and the environment. Sensor functions include detecting any sounds in the environment that could disrupt your sleep and identifying the ideal temperature for achieving optimal rest.

An intimate connection is also established with the product through a wide range of available custom finishes, incorporated into a color palette that guides users on a journey through the diverse colors of the Italian landscape: from azure "costiera del sud" (southern coast) to navy "blu riviera" (riviera). Warmer tones include "rosso vendemmia" (grape red), "chicco di caffè" (coffee bean), and "fungo di collina" (hill mushroom).

HiAm is exclusively sold through the official Hi-Interiors website: hi-interiors.com, through a personalized concierge service that will assist you in choosing the best solution tailored to your needs.

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