Innovative Pipo chair

Furniture pieces in your home most certainly vary when it comes to style – from modern, through traditional, all the way to futuristic…

Still, it is highly likely that you own a piece of furniture which is unique, or at least rare enough not to be found in regular sale in world-famous furniture store chains. If you still do not own in your home something like that, this article is ideal for you.

With furniture industry which rarely presents something individual and unique, many people furnish their homes in mass production stores, where quality can rarely be found, while comfort is something which can only happen by chance. With that in mind, many designers decide to individually present their works, or to create them in collaboration with some other bigger brands, so they could manage in a very ungrateful turf, where only those most durable can make it.

That was the case with the designer Alejandro Estrada, who created his Pipo chair for the company Piegatto. “Pipo chair was envisioned as a wooden surface, which integrates chair and seat made from the same material. The idea was to create a monolith furniture piece from a single material, which is open towards its exterior and stretched in its central part. The limpidity of this chair is the ideal way to observe its gesticulation and fluidity, while the light penetrates through its translucent borders”, as the designer says.

He used a unique technology to create this piece, while every part of the material was carefully selected, so nothing ended up wasted. It is made from high quality wood and has 29 main curves, which are cut in several places in order to intertwine its parts. Its’ interesting glow, this chair got from a water based varnish treatment.

Is there a place in your home for this furniture piece?

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