This is not a usual sofa, on which you sit down and relax when you need to rest…

A part of this Peugeot Onyx sofa is practically carved out from 11.000 years old Volvic volcanic stone, which was found in French Auvergne region. This hand cut Volvic stone is merged and integrated with lacquered black seat made from carbon fiber, while it still preserved its structure and natural texture. It looks very modern; you cannot deny that, while comfort is a completely different category when we speak of this sofa. Upholstering is not possible on this sofa, if you wish for it to keep its distinctive appearance.

This sofa is partially made of high tech and partially low tech material, it weights 380 kilograms. Peugeot design team worked 70 days on this sofa. It was created by Pierre Gimbergues, in collaboration with Peugeot Design Lab. It will have its debut on April 8th, on Milan Design Week. This is actually the first product in Peugeot Made to Measure line of furniture. Considering how unique it is, and rare as well, the asking price of this sofa, which is 186.000 dollars, is not at all surprising. 

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