Historical Italian home furnishing brand Ditre Italia, chose the architect and designer Daniele Lo Scalzo Moscheri to design Kanaha, the core product of the 2015 sofa collection.

Ditre Italia presents Kanaha, the contemporary sofa with an expressive and functional design that enriches the 2015 collection. Designed by the Italian designer and architect Daniele Lo Scalzo Moscheri, Kanaha is the perfect piece that will personalise the living room with elegance and taste, in the name of the democratic beauty.

Kanaha combines a light and minimal structure with a deep and comfortable seat. The determined character of metal and leather draws a thin silhouette, which holds generously filled and soft cushions that offer extra relax.

“Kanaha project presents the sofa in a new multimaterial and expressive version because of his in-view iron structure that considers the planning style of the masters of contemporary design again. The details of junction between backseats and arms propose an innovative sartorial solution that connects the different components. Kanaha is a sofa that combines different materials and endings; it can be easily declined to monochromatic versions and combined with contrasting endings, too” said Lo Scalzo Moscheri, describing Kanaha.

Ditre Italia offers a sofa that combines sartorial elegance and precious materials such as leather, natural textiles and bronzed metal, to meet the most sophisticated esthetical demands.

The Kanaha collection includes a matching armchair and a tableside in eucalyptus wood that follows the Ditre Italia total living project, in which the sofa is the heart of the house, in harmony with accessories and furniture.

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