Karim Rashid presents Kiuso table - modular piece with great character

An outstanding artist and designer, Karim Rashid, presented a brand new KIUSO table…

This model is almost identical to some of his previous creations, because it has organic curves and bright colors that redefine the visual aesthetics. Kiuso is actually a simple modular table, which easily transforms into a larger, dining option, for those evenings that you spend with family and friends.

Based on the 400-year-old modular table concept, the Kiuso transforms from a 30 cm narrow chest of drawers into half or an entire dining table. The table has two modular elements that change its dimension, and is created from plasticized laminate, with a steel base. The most interesting aspect of the table are certainly its delicate, rounded edges.

As the designer says, “Straight lines do not exist in nature”, and therefore, the creations he envisiouns must be humanized in their form, with delicate edges that will be in contact with our fragile bodies. This aspect has been carefully considered in the design of the Kiuso table, which is a unique spectacle in vertical and horizontal orientations.

For now, Kiuso is presented only in the form of a concept, without information on whether and when it will see the light of day. We suggest you also read our interview with Karim Rashid, to better understand his charismatic approach and style!

Interview: Karim Rashid

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