A long bubble bath is often the answer to a haunting question: what to do next?

The water’s warmth, bubbles with a short life span and special aromas help compose a relaxing setting where thoughts dissipate and are re-shaped under the influence of a cozy feeling of belonging. The perfect bathtub is meant to allow you to indulge in this reverie while looking dreamy itself. A great example of a luxurious bathtub that promises quiet well-deserved moments is this exemplary wooden bathtub in the photos.

Laguna Basic tub from Switzerland-based company Alegna is the bathtub inspiring the new generation of bath bubbles. With experience in yacht building and wood-processing, Alegna created the magnificent bathtub with quality materials and promises of durability. The rectangular bathtub shelters a reliable and comfy smoothness inside, becoming the perfect place to relax. Choosing from several finishes and dimensions, you can make sure there is a Laguna bathtub out there for you.

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