Lamborghini in the world of gaming chairs

If by any chance you wander to the Secretlab official site, there will be something really exciting waiting for you…

In addition to the discounts that are typical for this time of year, the famous company has just announced its cooperation with the Lamborghini brand, which will give birth to a collection of luxury, limited edition gaming chairs. Secretlab for Automobili Lamborghini Collection contains two models created from carbon and alcantara used to make famous cars. All the details and specifications related to the chairs have yet to be revealed, but in the official description we can see that this collection is a homage to the "fanatical attention to detail for which both brands are known - every seam, shade and piece of material".

The Pinnacle Edition, as the name suggests, is a top model in this range. Secretlab presented only a teaser of this ultra-premium gaming chair on which we see the carbon upper together with the feature of the legendary Italian brand. It is upholstered in alcantara and promises inviolable comfort. The Lamborghini Edition seems to be a more affordable variant, has a sportier look and is upholstered in soft plush, with details in the form of neon green accents and the Italian flag.

“The attention paid to detail when creating every Lamborghini car is exceptional, and that’s exactly what we share with them. Combining our cutting-edge technology and ergonomics with performance-driven Lamborghini DNA, we have created two chairs that are a dream come true for fans of this brand,” explains Ian Ang, co-founder and CEO of Secretlab. The price of both chairs will also be revealed, while the official debut will be during The Real Race event.

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