Le Bambole - furniture classics in a new look

The iconic design collection from 1972, winner of the 1979 Compasso d'Oro, returns to the stage as an exciting re-release: Le Bambole…

Created as the work of Mario Bellini, as part of the B&B Italia catalogue for fifty years, this collection has taken advantage of new design options that make it even more comfortable and sustainable, suitable for today. The collection contains four pieces: the Bambola armchair, the Babambola two-seater sofa, the Bamboletto bed, as well as the three-seater sofa, which has been refreshed with a deeper seat and a new name - Granbambola.

"I am pleased to revisit this product family, as it confirms to me that it is anything but obsolete. In fact, it enjoys it’s life, blossoms and takes on new roles, reborn full of enthusiasm, meaning, decoration and original elements. We rediscovered its charm, its luxurious softness and tenderness", explains Bellini.

The La Bambole overstuffed seat provides an incredible feeling of cosiness and comfort that you will never want to leave. The shapes within the collection have been carefully and painstakingly adapted to remain relevant. Polyurethane, the trademark of this brand, still gives them structure and softness, although now, unlike past editions, it is recycled. Thermoplastic elastomers add shape and definition to all pieces of furniture, along with comfort and breathability. The lining that hides all these elements is obtained from recycled PET materials. All these upgrades give Le Bambole pieces the ability to be completely disassembled and easily recycled.

Along with the re-release of the classic collection, came new upholstery options. Sila is a delicate fabric available in eight colours, while the limited-edition Manila comes with a floral pattern of large roses on a black or white backing. The Le Bambole collection can also be upholstered in high-quality Kasia leather.

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