Liu Jo Living: When the Coffee Ritual Becomes Design

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Liu Jo Living introduces three coffee tables designed by Simone Cagnazzo, celebrating Italian charm and tradition...

Inspired by the origin and history of coffee, this everyday ritual that connects people worldwide is interpreted through Made in Italy Liu Jo Living. As an activity that forms part of the daily routine of many nations around the world, the simple and symbolic act of drinking coffee helps us relax, bond with others, and surrender to our thoughts. From East to West, it's as if the ticking of clocks is synchronized to move in harmony until the moment coffee time arrives. Enjoying this pause moment, whether it's in the morning right after waking up or as an afternoon tonic, is a sign of love and sharing that for Liu Jo Living also has intimate connections with the environment where this habit takes place: the home.

The comfort of the living room in the overlapping shapes, geometry, and colors, with the Caillou Coffee Table, is based not only on reflections of glass and precious metals but also on the endless shades of well-deserved relaxation. In warmer tones, the Caillou Wood Coffee Table, available in small and large versions, is reminiscent of the Orient. Rounded profiles of irregular organic shapes in natural wood yield to the desire for a delicate return to basics and essence.

Contrasts of shapes and shades make Clip an element with a contemporary vocation for the easy chic style living room. This sturdy, highly functional, and sculptural object emphasizes its differences in material, thus defining its own character. Clip side table, as its name suggests, thanks to its shifted base, is a piece designed to sit next to and above furniture pieces. The asymmetrical structure of the table's top creates a sophisticated contrast with the linearity of the support, highlighting its versatility.

When coffee break becomes a time to recharge, design becomes sturdier and more comfortable, inspiring the creation of Warmover coffee tables, which can exist independently or in combination with other pieces, achieving maximum expressiveness when paired with the matching seating system.

In living rooms with a classic spirit, the Linear Shore Coffee Table, designed by Giuseppe Viganò evokes the world of fashion, with which Liu Jo Living has always been closely associated, and jewelry. Made with a glass top and a digital print with a contrasting textured effect, thanks to a special base reminiscent of a safety pin, revised in a modern way, this model draws new shapes for a custom-made space.

Thanks to their versatility, coffee tables from the Liu Jo Living collection are perfect for creating an atmosphere of relaxation and sharing.

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