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SieMatic, the German luxury kitchen manufacturer, is setting up shop in Quebec with the inauguration of its new showroom in the Montreal region.

The SieMatic showroom will feature four different kitchen designs from the brand’s collection. Each highlights certain of the qualities that have built the German manufacturer’s reputation.

Jean-Martin Lapointe, Sales Manager, Siematic Montreal, said: “Visitors to our showroom will find out about the brand philosophy, and in terms of quality finishes, technical innovations, ergonomics, and the modularity of pieces and accessories on display.”

With its fluid lines, elegant fitting systems, and exceptional functionality, the S2 represents the quintessential spirit of SieMatic.

The SC introduces some of the German brand’s technical innovations, including Multimatic, an interior fitting system that has won numerous international design awards, makes it possible to completely customize cabinets to gain up to 30 per cent more storage space, and the SieMatic lighting system, a horizontal LED fixture whose intensity and colour can be modulated. Multipurpose, it fits into cabinets, can be used as an individual shelf, and can anchor various functional elements and accessories.

A third showcase features the advantages of Siematic’s modular panel system, to which shelves of different sizes and widths, as well as various accessories, can be easily attached.

Finally, the showroom’s star attraction, the BeauxArts, expresses SieMatic’s capacity to innovate even in the style of its kitchens. In this collaboration with renowned American designer Mick De Giulio, SieMatic breaks the traditional rules for kitchen storage by combining opposing shapes, colours, materials, and styles to compose a unique, timeless, and personalised universe.

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