This furnishing offer refers to the 60s, for its simple chromatic combinations and its soft carved decorations. It is a plan where both the parts of the kitchen and some key components of the custom-made production are emphasized, such as doors, false ceilings and wainscoting. 

All the structures and the doors are made of hardwood, following the Martini tradition, and the chromatic combinations between white "Glossy" and "Matte", the black lacquering and the Canaletto walnut make the composition be special and unique. 

Functionality is highlighted by big doors which include very prestigious inside equipment, to be inserted sideways to the container. Home automation is applied in an obsessive way in order to make lighting be always the best and to manage the movements automatically. The pantographic details, made of Canaletto walnut, represent an example of the skill as a carpenter who work with ebony, characteristic of Martini. 

Domestic appliances belong to the last generation and the worktop is made of “Vintage” steel with a unique making on the edge and with the kitchen sink and the hob are obtained in the same element. When we cook it is possible to lower the motorized hood for a better extractor system. The decorating elements carved on the doors, on pillars and on the wainscoting parts are simple and rigorous. 

Inside accessories belong to the last generation with soft -closing joints and trucks for drawers with blow-out openings. Inside a huge variety of accessories is available, to make easier to keep tided up as well as to live into your kitchen.

riva-nova-elegancija-za-spoljasnje-prostore (3).jpg

Riva: New Elegance for Outdoor Spaces

The Riva collection, designed by Simone Cagnazzo for Liu Jo Living, stands out with its creative approach that combines a metal structure, treated with cataphoresis, with a cushion...

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