Million dollar bath tub

Baldi, an Italian company known for its use of valuable materials in the creation of furniture and decor, presented their new masterpiece...

They are famous for creating luxurious bathroom furniture, vases, bowls and lighting, but their masterpiece, "Rock Crystal" bath tub, is something completely different. It is a bath tub where there is enough room for three people, and is made of a single piece of crystal, which was found in the Amazon rainforest. Diameter of the crystal is 2.5 meters, and works on it lasted six months.

The owner of this tub is the daughter of Bernie Ecclestone, Tamara Ecclestone. For this young lady, the price of one million dollars did not present any problem!

This is not the first crystalline bath tub to be created. In 2008, similar bath tub was is sold during the Salone del Mobile fair, and the customer was a man from Russia, who had no problem giving 858,763 dollars for this masterpiece. Another piece that was not a replica, but a unique piece, was created for Harrods department store, carrying a price of 790,310 dollars.

"This bath tub costs a million dollars because it requires extensive work in the bathroom before reinserting. Also, installing bathtubs last long and it has to be done by a special team”, said the owner. "However, I spend a lot of time in the bath, so it was worth every penny," said Tamara.

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