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Modern kitchens have this undoubted challenge to overcome the limitations of space and appearance and become a stylish place to cook and serve food for family and friends in a comforting atmosphere.

Details that help design a welcoming space have the power to define our perspective on personal lifestyle choices. Take the kitchen faucet as example – every kitchen needs a versatile faucet to help you cook and clean and this is where the Pivot Faucet by Dornbracht comes into play.

Designed to accommodate the needs of a modern lifestyle and offer a sleek visual appeal, the high-quality faucet has a 360° radius of activity, making it a contemporary tool that also raises the bar on modern kitchen aesthetics. Aptly named Pivot, the modern faucet has a wide reaching arm measuring 552 mm. This allows you to use it across an entire kitchen island.

A twist handle discreetly placed just above the spout completes the minimalist design and adds an elegant touch to the overall appearance. Part of Dornbracht’s Tara Ultra series, the Pivot faucet is the perfect solution for a contemporary kitchen in search for the ultimate faucet design.

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