Minimalist Talk armchair that conquers every interior

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When it comes to interior decoration, it is very easy to get lost in the maze of furniture stores and the numerous offers that we can see…

Also, it is not easy to make a decision related to the style we will try to implement, whether it is a classic or a mix of modern trends, because designers and experts from this world every season suggest new elements that we must have or those that we must get rid of. Since most of us aren't able to redecorate our home with the changing seasons, classic eye-catching pieces that will look perfect next to a Christmas tree or a bouquet of fresh violets are a must-have.

Talk is an armchair created by the Italian designer Alessandro Di Prisco for the brand Mogg, and it performs exactly that task - it looks perfect in any setting. Made using only three elements of the same shape, this armchair has a seemingly simple design that we want to explore with almost all of our senses. Its geometric presence relies on visual lines, using the lack of armrests to contribute to its minimalist, sculptural appearance.

As a truly versatile piece of furniture, the Talk armchair can very easily find its perfect place in living spaces, relaxation areas or waiting rooms of office buildings. Thanks to the bouclette and the plush with which it is covered, which are available in different colours, it will become your new favourite detail in the interior.

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