Gold and silver elements match very well with the classic style; they complete it and give it a luxury look.

If you have a big space for your bathroom and want to decorate it using the classic style, why not add a more prestigious look to it? Oasis could help you in that by this collection called Hermitage which includes many ideas for a glorious classic bathroom. The collection is based on the usage of gold and silver touches with the classic bathroom furniture to create more luxury ambiance. The golden frame for the mirror looks very elegant, and the silver one with curved details is equally chic. The black cabinet decorated by silver prints is magnificent; it doesn’t only look palatial but it is practical as well with a big & deep space to store all the bathroom stuff. Some other cabinets look more contemporary but still have the classic impression such as the black ones with a silver circle in the center and silver legs; those ones are very attractive and elegant without too much detail. Oasis in this collection didn’t suffice to give the bathroom furniture a classic & luxurious look, but they also added more majestic elements to the bathroom; they added royal chairs and lamps with same gold or silver details as the bathroom which brings an imperial atmosphere and reminds us of the old palaces.



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