Modern kitchens with marble and wood combinations

The days when the kitchens were filled with polished surfaces and jumble elements have long passed...

Modern kitchens today return to their classic journey and textural contrast, which is a major trend. With that in mind, designers are turning to wood and natural stone to create the necessary contrast and over-the-top ergonomics, spanning the most modern elements. In addition to the warmth of wood, the exquisite elegance of marble is the number one choice when it comes to the design of a kitchen.

Adding marble and wood to kitchens is far easier than it actually sounds. Their aesthetic charm and uniqueness are worthy of extra attention and effort, and so they become more functional and simply sensual.

The beauty of adding wood surfaces to modern kitchens is not based on mere textural contrast - in fact, you thus allow yourself to mix different styles and create a unique, cohesive, contemporary interior. Wood certainly does a great job when it comes to rustic attractiveness, while marble plays the role of balance in this area and emphasizes the overwhelmingness of every corner of the kitchen.

Most often, white marble combined with of lighter tones of wood has its place in modern kitchens. Still, people who want a slightly smoother look can opt for black marble elements with dark, robust wood.

If you want to create a kitchen that is hospitable, but with a dose of modern minimalism, marble is the perfect choice for you. It creates visual elegance and you can incorporate it into any part of it. The color scheme in this way has no hindrance but simply blurs.

In case you already have a kitchen island that does not contain all the functions you want, it is time to change it for a more efficient and more attractive one. Marble tiles combined with the wooden frame of the kitchen island will give you a trendy part of the kitchen which you will enjoy for a long time. In addition, your kitchen island may have a storage area where you want it. If you add bar stools in the same theme, as well as hanging chandeliers in a similar design, you get the kitchen area as the front page of some prestigious magazine.

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