More than a bed: Hi-Furniture HiAm

Italian company Hi-Interiors has defined a separate segment for itself with its fun beds…

In fact, they create smart beds that combine modern design and the latest technology, in order to promote wellness, fun and health in the place where we sleep. The company has introduced the second generation of its HiBed bed with plenty of entertainment benefits, which is especially relevant in the corona era, where we are still, more or less, tied to our homes.

HiAm is a four-pillar bed designed by Italian architect and designer, Fabio Vinella, with the idea of ​​activating physiological well-being through relaxation. It is equipped with ambient lighting and reading lights, an audio system, a 70-inch screen and a 4K projector, which will provide you with unsurpassed in-bed entertainment.

There are also motorized bed bases, programmed for massages, as well as a fragrance diffuser, which will further improve your environment. What is especially interesting, all these options can be activated via the accompanying iOS application.

This new bed also plays the role of a sleep coach, thanks to its built-in IoT sensors. The bed collects information about your sleep and environment, detecting any ambient sounds that could disturb your sleep, while finding the ideal temperature, which will help you achieve optimal rest.

HiAm design is based on lightness and versatility, thus offering numerous choices of finishes and technical capabilities, presenting itself as a sleeve for the super-rich. Its price ranges between 25,000 and 35,000 euros, depending on the chosen configuration.

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