Oasi: a new version for the kitchen designed in collaboration with Stefano Boeri Architetti

It is undeniable that the events of recent years have brought attention to issues that have always been very important, such as environmental protection and people’s quality of life. ARAN Cucine, very sensitive about this subject since the origin of its history, turned them into values able to guide the company in every choice, even in the selection of models offered on the market. Oasi, designed by Studio Boeri Architetti, is the kitchen that, in this respect, best represents the soul of the company: a project involving man and nature connecting each other, which succeeds in capturing the concepts of sustainability and healthy living.

As in the best relationships, also that between man and the environment must be regulated by balance, harmony, and a mutual exchange. Oasi focuses attention on the vegetation in the kitchen, the most convivial place in the house, not for architectural purposes but as a manifesto of a new care for the environment, the society, and the relationship between one and the other, not leaving out the importance of people who live that space, filling it with their emotions.

That’s why ARAN Cucine studied a series of Oasi’s possible layouts able to focus on man and nature's roles and needs, ensuring that the tools needed by the former can revolve respectfully around the essentiality and beauty of the latter.

The free-standing square kitchen island, is now iconic and becomes wider and rectangular, thus increasing even more the functionality and the usability of the kitchen. Circling around the kitchen island, from food preservation to prep and finally to consumption; a pull-out extension directly integrated into the Corian worktop, allows to dedicate more space to conviviality.

The fruit tree may be replaced by any other plant, herbs as well, always remaining a symbol of that ‘life cycle’ - linked both to relationships and to the very idea of nourishment - which is the main hub of the entire project.

The sustainability goal makes a selection also with regard to materials: the doors of the island are in oxidized oak, resulting from recycled woods, while the solid surface chosen for the worktop - here in Bone finish - is ideal to last and perform over time.

Moreover, to easily meet the Oasi’s concept with daily needs, it is possible to combine other ARAN Cucine’s transverse elements such as wall cabinets and tall units in '13 module' which is an increased storage capacity because it is based on multiples of 13 cm, customizable in colours and finishes.

Oasi, thus, presents itself as a complex model, ready to be customized in different compositions and layouts; each of them will be able to meet different needs, without ever giving up the symbolic and cultural value of which the project is ambassador.

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