Luxury kitchens by Officine Gullo, in black and white composition...


This kitchen is entirely made-to-measure. The 2.5 millimeter thick enameled steel sheet body is embellished with hand-brushed galvanized nickel plated solid cast brass fittings. The wall panels are in hammered, antique finish alpaca (a brass and nickel alloy), and all the work surfaces are “scratchproof” brushed stainless steel. Cabinet doors and drawers run on sturdy slides; the floor mounted appliances include a wine refrigerator cabinet, Miele dishwasher and professional cookers: lava stone barbecue, cast iron coup de feu cook top, high power burners (over 5.5 kw gas each), cast iron grill, and, of course, a professional exhaust hood. 


Single block complete kitchen produced on request, entirely in metal. The structure is produced by 2.5 mm thick stainless steel sheets , varnished, enriched by solid fusion burnished brass or nickel finishing (obtained by galvanic bath and brushed afterwards) parts. The wall panel (backsplash) is made in burnished and hammered Alpacca (brass and nickel alloy), the kitchen working top is made in scratch-resistant, high thickness, brushed stainless steel. Cabinets for pots have doors and capacious drawers equipped by strong sliding runners. Refrigerator has professional characteristics: the inside made in antibacterial stainless steel, crystal shelves, two independent motors and three microclimates. Nichel-plated brass fusion parts and high thickness varnished stainless steel external finishings. The kitchen is composed by professional cooking instruments: barbecue with lava stone, coup de feu in solid cast iron and high efficiency gas burners (more than 5.5 kW each one), cast iron solid top plate, everything equipped by professional hood with air exhausting system.

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