Pan Flute Collection: A Fusion of Tradition and Modern Design

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The "Pan Flute" collection, designed by Paola Graselli, had its inception with a bench launched in 2022, and its evolution continues with a chair introduced this year at Salone del Mobile...

The inspiration for the collection stems from benches that have always been present in waiting areas and along platforms of railway stations, from large cities to small towns in the Italian province. The simplicity and essential form of these benches have become icons of functionality, and now Saba reinterprets them as soft and comfortable objects for domestic use. The roundedness and volume of the soft parts evoke flutes, transporting us to a world where memory, imagination, and craftsmanship details converge in a poetic vision of living.

The "Pan Flute" chair stands out with its unobtrusiveness, and with its subtly graphic structure, it is more adapted for domestic use than residential. Strict yet exceptionally comfortable, the chair introduces a new rhythm into the space.

The "Pan Flute" bench is a multifunctional and elegant seat, suitable for various domestic scenarios, never forgetting its origin. As an addition, a marble tray is available in Noir Antique or White Carrara variations.

The "Pan Flute" collection represents a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary, where functionality and aesthetics meet, offering a unique touch of elegance and comfort for every home.

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