Perfectly contemporary and modern Break chair

The sophisticated design, the enveloping and harmonious features make Break a line suited to different types of environment, from private to contract and aimed at a target that specifically seeks a product of contemporary design.

The seat bestseller of Bross, designed by Enzo Berti and included in the company’s catalogue since 2010, is enriched in occasion of the Salone del Mobile of 2015 of new versions, that combine four and five-star bases with wheels. A solution that makes the product ideal for office spaces, where it fits as a refined complement that does not sacrifice comfort. The wooden shell covered in high quality leather, with stitching that draw thin vertical lines in the inner back and create an elegant decorative game, becomes an ergonomic shell perfectly proportioned.

Completing the Break collection is the new stool available in two heights of 65 and 75 cm: the wooden structure supports the shell, equipped with the same features. The stool can be used in  an hospitality context or it can be paired to kitchens tops: the possibility to customize its coating with a wide range of colors defines an object now iconic and vibrant, now of timeless tones.

Break is a collection produced with the greatest attention to detail and craftsmanship and is born from the perfect combination between aesthetics and functionality, according to the philosophy that distinguishes the entire production of Bross.

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