Prometheo Uno: a table of fire inspired by the myth of Prometheus

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More photos

Prometheo Uno is a minimalist fire table created by Mexican designer Andrés Monnier as part of his Olympo collection...

According to Monnier, his goal is to create objects that combine art, design and sculpture to create stories behind the pieces. In his work, Monnier uses numerous artistic methods and languages to propose innovations to the world of traditional furniture. A self-taught sculptor, Monnier's goal is to develop and design his own collection, which now consists of two lines and works exhibited around the world.

The myth of Prometheus from Greek mythology served as the inspiration for Prometheus Uno. A titan named Prometheus stole fire from Mount Olympus and gave it to mankind. Power, wisdom and independence came with fire.

This sculpture depicts the place where fire first appeared, with which Prometheus gifted people. The stone is an association of the rock, on which Prometheus had to keep the stolen fire forever due to the condemnation of Zeus.

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