Roma: the new collection by Turri + Monica Armani

Turri brand has created a transversal series of trends that embrace contemporary style, wanting to devote itself more and more to the demands of younger generations...

The collaboration of this brand with Monica Armani brought new life and international appeal to the new Roma capsule collection, which represents the ideal balance of aesthetics, innovation, technology and tradition. Roma equally represents the stylistic codes of Monica Armani and the execution of the Turri brand.

The most characteristic element of this collection is the rounded arch, presented as a synthesis of perfection and harmony that can very often be found in the Eternal City. As a contrast to the constant reference of these arches and the know-how of the Turri brand, the distinctive aesthetics of Monica Armani appear, while together they create an exclusive connection.

Roma, with its gentle and rounded lines, represents its innovative DNA in the selection and use of refined materials. Turri brand's historical ability to create lacquered surfaces finds its maximum expression in the Roma collection, which also features precious materials, embroidered leather and geometric prints, which find their place on the doors of products that are as unique as they are timeless.

"Straight and curved lines run after each other, connecting to create unique objects born from the union of historical memory and spontaneity," explains Monica Armani. The semi-circular section made of arch, the cornerstone of this collection, defines a wide range of furniture, both for living rooms and bedrooms.

The seductively simple lines dedicated to living rooms offer two coffee table models - the first confirms the circular theme of the collection with its legs and top surface, and has a singular metal base made of vertical tubes in Champagne Gold and Graphite Gray finishes, with a top surface that can be round or rectangular, finished in Calacatta Gold marble. The second table was given a rectangular but rounded appearance, with an upper surface that has rounded corners and cylindrical legs. It is made of solid lacquered wood, accentuating Turri's expertise in this field.

The collection would not be complete without the accompanying chairs, which are available with smooth or embroidered backrests in textile or leather, which again create a reference to arches with their appearance. The same line and customization options are offered for the Lounge Roma armchair.

When it comes to wooden cabinets, they have received a geometric decoration on their doors that can be created on a plain, lacquered surface, with the possibility of accentuating the rounded sides with leather. Adaptable and versatile pieces contain four glass shelves each, while their doors can be created from glass or wood, with or without decoration.

The geometric element that characterizes the cabinets also appears on the chest of drawers, which is designed with glass or wooden doors. The wooden version can be customized with geometric decoration, while its upper surface is available in a marble version.

The tops of the étagères, made of single-colour glossy lacquered wood, are vertically intersected on the back with fitted panels that can be upholstered in leather and embroidered. The vertical metal structure of the étagère is available in two types of finishes.

In the part of the Roma collection that is dedicated to the bedrooms, there is a bed with a wing structure that is completely covered with boucle. In addition, the bed is accompanied by dresser, with or without a mirror, with an upper part created from lacquered wood, with hanging drawers covered with leather. Metal legs are now back on the scene, as an indisputable thread that connects the entire collection. Designed to combine with beauty, the fully padded leather pouf revisits the theme of geometric decoration.

The contemporary lines of the Roma sideboard and bedside table further define this space, offering solutions that are both elegant and comfortable. The lacquered sideboard has a drawer system with handles, which allows you to carefully store your clothes or bedding. The bedside table, on the other hand, is a surface that can hold everything you need within easy reach before going to bed.

The bedroom is completed by an unusual product that can be considered a coffee table and/or a lamp, so that it can also find its place in your living room at the same time. The hybrid of the semi-circular coffee table and lamp is made entirely of metal.

The architecture of the Roma Collection products comes with very valuable benefits – all the pieces, thanks to their intelligent design, can be used independently, giving you absolute flexibility in placing them in your home. They are available in finishes that Turri has traditionally offered, and where possible, can be combined with Champagne Gold and Graphite Gray metallic details.

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