SaloneSatellite Shanghai: winners of the first edition

Trampoline for the launch of creativity of young designers, SaloneSatellite has made its debut in China within the first edition of Salone del Mobile Milano. Shanghai with great interest of visitors and media.

The Committee of selection – formed by architects Alessandro Colombo, Lyndon Neri, FabioNovembre, Antonio Ochoa; entrepreneurs Marta Anzani-Poliform, Carlotta De Bevilacqua-Artemide, Nicolo’ Mazzei Edra; journalists Rita Fatiguso (correspondent of Il Sole 24 Ore in China),Leon Sun (Editor-in-chief of Elle Décor China); Jiayang Lin (professor of Design and Landscaping Study of Shanghai Tongji University) and presidents Roberto Snaidero (president of Salone del Mobile. Milano), David Zhong (President of VNU Exhibition Asia) - have proclaimed three winners from the 41 younger designers participants coming from all China. As prize, they will be invited to participate in the SaloneSatellite Milano which will be held within the Salone del Mobile.Milano from 4-9 April 2017.

The first prize went to Fang Gao for the sideboard “In-between dimensions”, inspired by the lightfiltered from the trees in the woods: an elegant game of light, shadow, grid and light colors. Weiwei Wuwith “Line series: shelf”, a bookshelf in which the absence of vertical supports makes it a sculpture piece, won the second prizeThe third prize went to Anqi Tang for the small tea table “Softwood”: 6 blocks of different forms and functions with a waterproof and non-toxic surface.

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