SEDEF TUB - for maximum pleasure

Expressing sensuality, this bath tub that will soothe and stimulate all your senses, invites you to escape and meditation, away from the cares and stress.

The uniqueness of this luxury tub is in its form and function. Lines and organic shapes are made by the company Libero Design. They were inspired by shells that produce pearls, and so this bath tub got its name - Sedef.

This bath tub allows you to create your own combination of light, sound and aromatherapy. You can select one of the wellness programs - relaxation, energy, entertainment, tropical pleasure - or you create your own program that can be saved.

Integrated pots allow planting flowers in any combination you want, and in this way you can enjoy a piece of nature. Faucets and shower are hidden. This all-in-one structure provides a sense of perfection.

Mother of pearl bath tub is an invitation to relaxation and reflection, rest for the soul and the rest of the body.


Dare Studio: design that lasts

Dare Studio is a British design company with a classic approach to craftsmanship. Founded in 2009 by Sean Dare, the studio's work is timelessly classic with a defined clean aesthet...

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