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Modern kitchen design showcases a love for the most important space in the house – the place where family comes together to enjoy home cooked meals in a comfortable atmosphere.

Deciding which design to complete your daily routine is hard, but some research can make the decision easier. For example, a comforting design that blends tradition and modern technology can easily become the focal point of any home.

The Sinetempore kitchen is one of those awe-inspiring designs that composes a perfect space for cooking while decorating the space with splendid hand-crafted elements. Designed by Gabriele Centazzo for Valcucine, this kitchen system showcases a range of quality materials in an unforgettable design – solid elm, copper, marble and steel come together to shape a decorative collection of kitchen furniture perfect for modern homes. Focusing on craftsmanship, the designer combines different woodworking techniques – inlays, carvings, mosaics, pyrography – in a breathtaking contemporary kitchen display.

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