Stella McCartney takes a real step into the world of furniture design

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In her first interior collaboration, British eco-conscious pioneer Stella McCartney worked with B&B Italia on a series that launched at Art Basel Miami Beach.

Based on shared values of sustainability, the Le Bambole collection features a hand-drawn 'Fungi Forest' in a dark red and white print. The upholstery pattern is inspired by Stella McCartney's Summer 2022 collection and can be seen adorning the exclusive Le Bambole armchair and Granbambole 3-seater sofa. In reimagining Mario Bellini's armchair, McCartney was able to experiment with the work of a designer she loves while also celebrating Le Bambola's 50th anniversary with B&B Italia.

Five decades after its original launch, Le Bambole has evolved using innovative design elements that contribute to its comfort and environmental impact. The collection combines the quality and durability of B&B Italia with responsible materials and construction choices that are in line with Stella McCartney's environmental mission. The new Le Bambole is designed to be completely disassembled, allowing for easy repair when needed and a circular end-of-life process to minimize damage.

While the original construction used a metal structure wrapped in polyurethane, updated versions use a recycled polyethylene frame, polyurethane foam elements and thermoplastic elastomers. These are wrapped in recycled polyester fabric under the upholstery to give the Le Bambole model its iconic shape, comfort and breathability.

The collection also introduces sustainable innovations developed by the B&B Italia research and development team. Fortunately, Le Bambole upholstery is made from 100% biodegradable, toxin-free polyester that leaves no harmful microplastics in the environment. It is produced using 25% bio-based, 75% petroleum-based feedstock in audited mills that follow strict OceanSafe compliant standards, and the ink used for printing is Oeko-Tek® certified.

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