Tetu – sofa collection with a strong character

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This piece of furniture is the focal point of any living room and has the power to influence the look of the entire interior.

When shopping for a sofa, you need to look for a piece that combines style and functionality. You will find many sofas on the market - there are hundreds of styles, designs and shapes. You will come across a wide variety of colours, textures, patterns and fabrics, but the perfect sofa for your living room should be suitable for your unique needs.

Here comes the new Tetu sofa collection, which was recently introduced by the renowned brand Liu Jo Living. "Tetu" in French means stubborn, and this is exactly what the new "daring collection" sofa is like, which will not leave you, or your guests, indifferent.

The collection, designed by Simone Cagnazzo, is characterized by sofas that leave a strong impact when placed in the interior, and what also guarantees incredible comfort. In the absence of armrests lies the very identity of the Tetu: a soft seat accentuated by a rounded backrest. Instead of armrests, a contoured and compact backrest balances the wide seats and together create an attractive place to rest.

Somewhat inspired by the world of fashion, this balance gives movement to the entire structure using the game of suspensions: shapes that should be heavy by their nature are transformed into the lightness of a relaxing moment. Inspired by the fashion industry, the Italian furniture manufacturer has successfully brought a sense of movement and lightness to substantial pieces of furniture. The sofa collection is equipped with special legs that connect the backrest and the seat by raising the upholstered elements from the ground.

Tetu sofas are not only intended for your interiors, but will decorate your baths and gardens in a special way. One of the standout features of the collection are the removable covers that allow for easy customization, reflecting the brand's commitment to sustainable design.

The company prides itself on its sustainable design philosophy, which not only emphasizes Italian craftsmanship, but also addresses current issues such as recycling and reuse.

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