The perfect combination of traditional crafts

Simon Krestani and Roberto Rida have combined their craft to create a unique new collection…

When the Bernt Goeckler Gallery asked two designers, Simon Krestani, a glass blower, and Robert Reid, a metalworking worker, to create a joint collection, they had only one rule: they had to make at least two mirrors.

"I told them that because mirrors are not just functional objects. Mirrors are something that can replace a work of art and add a dimension to one space, ”said Katja Hirsch, gallery director. Hubble Bubble and Scarabei mirrors, decorated with glass balls and colorful details, serve, like the rest of the Duetto collection, as functional pieces of furniture and statement artwork.

Hirsch paired Reid and Krestani because she thought they would blend in perfectly and complement each other. The two share a fascination with shapes found in nature, creating pieces such as a Hamami coffee table, twisted glass wood inside a transparent box and a Scarabeo bowl, which, like the Scarabeo mirror, resembles scarabs made of elegant glass.

However, in order for this collection to be of high quality, each piece had to retain its function, nonetheless avant-garde its final form was. Taking the Ursula chair as an example - at first glance, it acts as the predominance of glass balls, associating us with octopus eggs. However, it takes on a whole new dimension when considering the quality of its craftsmanship.

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