Tonino Lamborghini Casa presents their new Roadster line

The clean lines and dynamic shapes in the new Roadster Collection, signed by Tonino Lamborghini Casa, are an aesthetic that appeals to the whole world…

Elegant pieces of furniture, characterized by unique finishing details and top quality, are expertly combined to create a harmonious effect that accentuates the contemporary mood. Valuable leather, sought after materials and craftsmanship that characterizes all the pieces made in Italy are again a crucial piece of furniture signed by Tonino Lamborghini, interpreting luxury with a sophisticated personality.

This brand is now habitually presenting to us its influential design, which permeates both the cars they create and the luxury lifestyle of the Lamborghini family.

In the new line, there is a three-seater sofa, which is characterized by an important line, solid dimensions, while looking sleek and light, thanks to its unusual shape. Complicated, beautiful and extremely comfortable, the beautiful Twist armchair can be considered a true work of art. Its structure is defined by the perfect combination of titanium and lacquered metal as well as hand-knit elements.

Like the anthem to nature and its beauty, Ninfe's beautiful tables that are also part of this collection suggest a design that is a strong reference to the world of flowers. With a base made of lacquered metal with a satin champagne finish and a top panel of irregular edges made of marble, this set of small tables is manufactured with four different shapes and heights. On the other hand, elegant and very influential, the new Rummy table completes the lounge area in a very interesting way.

As its true rival, sophisticated and definitely functional, the new Round Table is made with Calacatta Gold marble top and gives us an interesting solution, which is hidden in its structure.

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