Your home can’t be complete without furniture. Even if you want to have just a few things in your house, because you want to live in a spacious layout, you need to have at least some pieces of furniture in your home.

Each room of your home must have certain pieces of furniture, which are specifically designed for that rooms. The living room should have the cornercouch or two-seat sofa and three-seat sofa with the armchair, which will be paired with a table that suits them. Living room should also have a TV holder, shelves, cupboards. Bedroom should have a bed with mattress, night table and of course a large cabinets for wardrobe. Of course, in the bedroom, you can have a couple of chairs and a work desk, if space allows. Also, the kitchen and the bathroom can not perform their function without the basic elements, so necessary furniture for your home is required.

There are variations of furniture with large selection of beautiful pieces for your home. Some people are buying cheaper furniture models, while some want to afford something more expensive and luxurious.

We will therefore present to you ten most expensive piece of furniture in the world.

10. Vividus Mattress – $59,750

This mattress is made of cashmere, horsehair, wool and silk. Everybody wants a good, solid and comfortable sleep, and this mattress can provide that. If this information is not sufficient then imagine that this mattress comes with a floating bed.

9. Archeo Copper Bathtub – $67,557

This solid-copper bath will give you all the relaxation you desire. You can fill it with 270 liters of water and enjoy the comfort of this tub. This bath is made by  the same people who have restored the torch on the Statue of Liberty in New York.

8. Plumebanche Diamond Encrusted Sofa – $184,000

Plumebanche made only 50 of these sofas. Sofa is made of pure mahogany, which is upholstered with glossy leather. Sofa is designed in the shape of a diamond, and it also contains diamonds.

7. Parnian Desk – $200,000

Parnian is a company in Arizona that produces customized tables. The table is made of six different species of exotic trees, including the Carpathian elm and Abanos. Also, this masterpiece has specially designed glass on top.

6. Solid Gold Stool – $1.3 million

It is difficult to determine whether this is a piece of jewelry or furniture. Although it is made in China, this chair is high quality and it’s made of nearly 50 kilograms of pure gold.

5. Pininfarina’s Aresline Xten Office Chair – $1.5 million

Have you ever wondered what would happen if the companies that produce a Cadillac and Ferrari, began to make furniture? Well, you get comfortable and luxurious chairs. The chair is fully adjustable so you it can adjust to anyone who wants to sit in this precious piece of furniture. Even the seat is made of a material that adapts to the user and follows the shape of his body.

4. Ruijssenaars Magnetic Floating Bed – $1.6 million

This bed, believe it or not, is floating in the air.  Architect Janjaap Ruijssenaar in collaboration with Bakker Magnetics made this incredible and innovative piece of furniture. This bed took 6 years to build. The bed is using repulsive magnetic forces to levitate the bed, and it can float 40 cm above the floor and to withstand huge load of 900 kilograms. We hope that this bed will become our future and that we will all „float“ someday.

3. The Tufft Table – $4.6 million

This table dates from 1700, and it was made and carved by hand. The table legs are narowing at the end and they have many details and decorations.

2. The Dragons Chair – $27.8 million

This masterpiece is designed by Irish designer Eileen Gray, which has created this chair in the period from 1917 to 1919. The chair was placed on the auction and the estimated price was 2.3 million. But, one collector felt that the price was not big enough and he ended up bidding ten times that amount, so that's the reason for the enormous cost of this piece.

1. The Badminton Chest – $36.7 million

The cabinet is a piece of furniture that is used for holding shoes, sports equipment, tools and things like that, but you wouldn’t dare to touch this cabinet, because it is the most expensive piece of furniture in the world. This kitchen cabinet contains amethyst quartz and other precious stones. Thirty designers worked on this masterpiece for 6 years.


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